Nut packaging bags performance testing methods


Nut packaging bags performance testing methods

Since the nutty food is hard, the strength and impact strength of the package will affect the package’s effectiveness. Some nuts are also packaged with inert gas, so the nature of the seal is important The following for everyone to analyze the package for the sealing, impact resistance of the test method:

First, the detection of heat sealability: sealing part of the sealing strength, heat seal strength test to verify, if the heat seal strength, prone to leaks, broken bags and other issues.

Second, for the detection of tightness, through the sealing of the (negative pressure method) test test can be found in the finished packaging prone to leaks, pressure relief parts.

Third, against the content of the impact properties of the test, through the bursting pressure (positive pressure method) test to verify the gas filled into the package to test the finished product packaging in the internal gas to break under the impact of the bag, used to find the nut products Finished packaging prone to rupture of the location and compressive strength.

Fourthly, according to the analysis of gas composition inside the package, it can be verified by the test of residual oxygen and carbon dioxide performance in the headspace to monitor the content of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen in the finished package, so as to determine the sealing performance of finished package, Meet the quality requirements of nut products.

Fifth, for the testing of the drop resistance, provide the test related to the drop resistance, and further verify whether the broken bag occurs when the finished package falls within a certain height.


High quality stand up pouch with spout

With the advantage of flexible mouth with more consumers to understand, with the continuous strengthening of social awareness of environmental protection, with a mouth instead of flexible packaging, barrels, with the mouth of flexible packaging to replace the traditional can not be re-sealed package, will become the trend.The biggest advantage of stand up pouch with spout over common packaging is portability. Suction nozzle bag can be easily into the backpack or even pocket, but also with the content of the factory’s business scope has a wide range of features. Many people do not know this kind of packaging sucker mouth bag, sucker mouth bag is composed of sucking mouth and self-standing bag, self-standing bag is made of composite material, sucking mouth is made of plastic bottle mouth.Suction nozzle bags are generally used to package liquids, such as juice, beverages, detergents, milk, soy milk, soy sauce, etc. can be used. As the nozzle sucker mouth in various forms, there can be suction jelly, fruit juice, drink long mouth, there are also detergent used in the nozzle, as well as red wine butterfly valve.With the continuous development and application of nozzle bag, in Japan, South Korea’s detergent, softener mostly used suction nozzle bag packaging. If larger sized bags with handles are made by bagging, many products such as laundry detergent, automobiles, motorcycle oils, cooking oils and the like may be gradually transferred to such packages. Winter cold liquor sales in the northern part of the larger, if the use of long mouth with a soft package made of 200-300ml packaging, you can easily work in the field of human body temperature or warm water with white sprinkle, easy to use.At present, the advertising industry is developing rapidly. If we make full use of the advantages of flexible packaging and printing and good printing quality, we will reduce the actual cost of flexible packaging by printing advertisements on soft water bags for customers. Then, drinking water plants are also interested in using such packaging extensively. In addition, the famous scenic football stadium and other special places more suitable for the use of this flexible packaging.


Correct choice of food bags packaging bag

In the pursuit of green today, more should promote green packaging. In order to adapt to this green storm, China’s packaging industry is undergoing a profound revolution in all aspects of design concept, material selection, production technology, product performance and waste disposal. Select and use qualified food plastic bags,self standing plastic food packaging bags, should pay attention to the following points:1. Food packaging plastic bags must have Chinese logo, mark the factory name, address, product name, and clearly marked “food” message. After the product is shipped with product inspection certificate. The company is located in:2. Food plastic bags factory is no different smell, no smell, a special smell of plastic bags, can not be used for food packaging. The company is located in:3. Colored plastic bags (dark red or black on the market today) can not be used for food packaging. Because these types of plastic bags are often made of recycled plastic.We have Japan IWASEI, TOTANI and other automatic zipper standing bag production line, which has magic-eye auto color-tracking device, excellent heat sealing strength, perfect appearance and accurate size to ensure we can produce high-quality pre-formed bags in various styles, such as block bottom bag, stand up bag, quad sealed bag, side gusset bag, all kinds of packaging bags, flat pouch, shaped bag, etc.